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Guangzhou baiyun airport daily traffic 200000 for the first time

Date: 2016-01-22

Eight days before the Spring Festival this year, the baiyun airport passenger volume rising, year-on-year growth of more than 10%. In general passenger growth at the same time, the daily traffic constantly refresh record. 20, reporters learned from the airport, baiyun airport, or hit the 200000 mark for the first time that day, the total number of passengers to 201390 person-time, refresh record.

21, the baiyun airport plan on a total of 1370 classes, including port 687 classes, 683 class.

Spring Festival, the staff of the baiyun airport, normal daily traffic roads before continuing record is relatively rare, general surge will focus on the travel peak a few days. And entered the Spring Festival this year, baiyun airport, the traffic roads more than 180000 people, nearly every day on January 18, 194000, the first time to refresh daily traffic record. On January 20, the baiyun airport security on a total of 1381 classes, including port 687 classes, port 694 classes; The guideline on 201390 passengers, including port 89908 person-time, port 111482. In the same day with a one-day clearance 111482 person-time, single-day passenger 111482 two history records. This is baiyun airport daily traffic hit the 200000 mark for the first time.

Baiyun airport officials said that this year's Spring Festival transportation passenger flow before climbing, records constantly refresh the reason lies in several aspects: on the one hand is the Spring Festival comes earlier this year, China's civil aviation passenger flow peak early, wave, the characteristics of sustained high; Baiyun airport ongoing infrastructure on the other hand, the increased security frontier defense and optimize the self-service check-in process and reach the ground traffic flow, etc., guarantee ability improve, major airlines have increased the divisions of the guangzhou route and density. Only international routes, opened last year and to resume and 27 international ones, to a record high, all of these improve for passenger volume has played a very important role; On the other hand, during the Spring Festival this year, to meet the demand of passenger travel, airlines also introduced a large number of the flight plan, increase flights in domestic popular travel city of about 1500 class, it also bring a lot of traffic to baiyun airport. At present, is a week from the lunar New Year themselves, civil aviation passenger would still expect to see continued "blowout" growth.

In addition to the increased traffic, goods quantity and rapid growth, travel the first week of baiyun airport cargo terminal international goods has reached a total of 6296 tons compared to the same period last year rose 20%.