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Friendly people free New Year: four days to the best of guangzhou ancient and modern Swim long lung guangzhou tower safari park shopping districts

Date: 2016-01-19

On January 19, 2016, for a period of nearly a month "huacheng friendly" global selection activities, since the newspaper published by the attention of many readers and to participate, sign up for a total of 5001 group, including a lot of nanjing local readers. After wanli pick a hotly contested, 20 groups of the most representative of the Chinese and foreign "family friendly" come! They will go to guangzhou free flower market, holidays, to experience the most authentic guangzhou New Year.

Year of the monkey Spring Festival, the friendly people in the United States around the New Year flower market. Guangzhou daily reporter Shao Quan of perturbation

Notable is, the selected in the "friendly", nanjing residents was lucky. If you want to see the final list, please pay attention to the public "huacheng says" (ID: gz - hchy) query.

And our joint creative invitation letter, guangzhou into a new hot spot

This month 3, including this newspaper, the eight major domestic cities of streaming media for the first time to break the boundaries of time and space, with eight full version of "fit" a complete invitation letter: Chinese New Year, guangzhou huacheng see flowers. This group of special invitation letter just online, to become a "net red", instantly ignite social media heat. According to the organizing committee of the flower market, this year the total number of double than last year. Among them the most friendly people to sign up in Shanghai, followed by the Harbin. Though friendly people qualified to get a group of 20, can cover recruitment activities caused attention of the world's big sites and numerous people from the media, covering nearly 20 million.

Nanjing residents was lucky

After the organizing committee of layer upon layer selected, this city xiong, a 3 lucky to be included in the mouth, will go to guangzhou from 29 to free annual lunar calendar New Year's day. Reporter contacted ms bear, will tell her the good news, she was very excited: "I'm glad!" Bear, 'says Ms. Her in as a student, from the inside of the hit TV series "the pr lady", know the flower market in guangzhou, but always didn't have a chance to personally feel the atmosphere of the south for the holiday, so that after the event, sign up for a short while, "although have been to guangzhou, but never experience the flower market, so look forward to!" She said.

In addition to domestic ones, of the "friendly" from the overseas, such as a chinese-american feng from the United States. He told the reporters, this is he immigrated to the United States back to guangzhou for the first time after the Spring Festival, excitement is indescribable, looking forward to.

Four days to enjoy the yangcheng ancient and modern

As the final shortlist, "the Chinese New Year in guangzhou Huacheng see flowers "activity of the Spring Festival travel arrangements are finalized, four days, look at all the ancient and modern guangzhou amorous feelings. Arrived in guangzhou on the same day, will be on the welcome banquet with a pair of huacheng somebody else together, take a night cruise on the pearl river, appreciate cross-straits resplendent night concert and huacheng square lights.

"Done districts is New Year's day", "family friendly" visit scenic spots definitely not guangzhou winter jasmine flower market traditional folk activities. Three days before the New Year's eve, the theme of the district street pitched and flower color floor, carpet surface until the first, in the morning before going away, this is the unique place flower market in guangzhou.

Besides, guangzhou scenery for in-depth experience, they will also have to the Chen clan academy view lingnan garden art, play set flowers, amusement, accommodation in one of millions of kwai garden, swim long lung wildlife park, climbing tower in guangzhou, overlook in guangzhou city, guangzhou and other representative scenic spots.

According to the organizing committee of the flower market, during the Spring Festival in guangzhou there are all kinds of folk performances, lighting art, theme, style, flower show activity carnival in the city, going to guangzhou for the holiday, my friends, can say blessed!