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2015 guangzhou international travel fair information and highlight

Date: 2015-03-10

On March 6, the asia-pacific region one of the most important international tourism exhibition annual meeting of the 2015 guangzhou international travel fair (hereinafter referred to as: guangzhou tourism exhibition) in the China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall (pazhou pavilion) area C officially kicked off, attracted 783 exhibitors in 42 countries and areas of the world exhibition, exhibition area of 23000 square meters. International exhibitors ratio of 63%.
The window:
A, the guest countries: the United States
As in recent years, the United States for tourist visa to relax, Chinese tourists to travel to reviving boom, the exhibition invited to the United States as a guest countries show this year. The United States and lead the local well-known enterprises exhibitors, the scene will be held "the U.S. pavilion opening ceremony" and "the United States, starting from the" heart ", "seminar, cutting edge travel routes and products to the domestic and overseas trade.
Second, the international exhibition, diversified tourism
The exhibition attracted from Argentina, Brazil, Australia, the Bahamas, panama, Bhutan, Burundi, dubai, Russia, France, Finland, South Korea, the Netherlands, Cambodia, Kenya, Malaysia, the United States, Peru, Burma, Morocco, Mexico, Nepal, Japan, Sweden, seychelles, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Singapore, Italy, India, England, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Macao, China in 42 countries and regions such as the 783 well-known enterprises to compete, the international exhibition proportion reaches 63%, the fair this year new participating countries such as Argentina, the Bahamas, Burundi and Slovenia.
Three, policy boost the tourism industry, local elite gathered in guangzhou
As "beautiful China - 2015 silk road tourism year" officially opened, travel once again walk at the forefront of national strategy, build atmosphere for the "area" be born, gathering popularity. And guangzhou as one of the maritime silk road starting point, but also has attracted strong attraction of the provinces and cities to guangzhou together along. Beijing, guangzhou, wuhan, chengdu, guilin, qinghai, congratulation state tourism bureau, nanning, kunming, nanchong and other domestic provinces and cities and travel agencies will be positive participation, amah rich local characteristics of various kinds of tourism products, information and services, and buyers show tourism market new weather for the audience.
Four, professional layout: three pavilion and display area
According to the professional, the exhibition set up international travel and award tourism exhibition hall (16.2), the domestic tourism exhibition pavilion pavilion (15.2) and travel (14.2). Among them, for the first time for the opening covers an area of 3000 square meters of "theme park, amusement game equipment" exhibit, show parent-child carnival class children's entertainment, theme park amusement equipment and digital entertainment equipment popular exhibits. Outdoor exhibition will also present saloon car, yacht, log cabin and so on many high-end tourism consumer goods. Field and many home appliances business exhibition, new tourism mode.
Five, the award tourism development BBS held for the first time
As the current domestic exhibition industry and the rapid development of the award tourism, guangzhou has become China's important award tourism destination. In order to further promote the guangzhou award resources advantages, attract more often sign up for tourism companies, 2015 for the first time to take the initiative in guangzhou to award tourism BBS for topic development, for the guangzhou local tourist trade to build communication with outstanding award tourism enterprise, good interactive platform. This BBS invited to include Chinese exhibition economy research association, vice President of Mr Wang Qingdao, government leaders and senior representatives, industry, the industry well-known enterprises, through a variety of cases, and introduced, and the award tourism guests to discuss development and opportunity.
Sixth, many tourism unusually brilliant
Guangzhou tourism exhibition in addition to displaying the latest achievements of the tourism industry, is also a tourist information of carnival. Conference will be held including from the United States, Italy, Kenya, Greece, Russia, the Bahamas, panama, Peru, Mexico and other 18 games, including tourism, buyers to a deeper understanding of the diversity of tourism information, provide convenient to discover its international tourism market.
Seven, exhibition service constantly improve
The exhibition this year opened a new chapter of "new media" service, launched "WeChat pre-registration" service for the first time. The audience through the exhibition official WeChat can register in advance, the exhibition service more humanization, and facilitation. At the same time, the original pre-show appointments (PSA) is a comprehensive system upgrade, the update operation, equipped with the "appointment reminders" ensures that all negotiation booking timely processing. Exhibition at the same time also will organize professional business matching activities, seamless suit MaiMaiFang needs, set up more high-quality one-stop business communication platform.